New Segment Coming Up

School really gets in the way of things sometimes. I wish I had a better excuse, but it’s all I got, so I apologize for the lack of content.  Also, I do not have much interest in writing individual scouting reports until next year. They are getting dry and also I think it is too early for them. Don’t worry I will be writing them, just not until next year. But even though I have been really busy, I still have been working on draft stuff for next year. First off, I have been putting together follow lists for all of the D1 conferences. They are mostly for me, but I will be publishing them before the season starts. The lists are grueling to do, but they have to be done and they give a good picture as how the standings will stack up next year. I would compare it to when you are building a DCF model for a business; you get to see how the business, or in our case, the baseball team, is structured and how they should play next year. The other thing I have been working on is for the site. Currently I have been doing a follow up of all of the players selected in the 2016 draft to see how their first full season of professional baseball. So throughout the next 2 months or so, expect to see posts about every team’s 2016 draft and how they have performed this past season. I think this is a cool idea to get us through the rest of the year and see how right or wrong we were about players from the 2016 draft. If anyone has suggestions for how it should work, post a comment I can still tweak stuff. I hope you enjoyed this article, please consider following me on Twitter(@theamateurbball) so that you can get updated for each part of the series.  


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