Aaron Rozek-Minnesota State-St. Cloud Rox

Well I was supposed to get this article out earlier but got a bit sidetracked. I was looking over my last article and saw that I completely messed up Aaron Rozek’s name, instead calling his Adam Rosek. What a professional I am.

Aaron Rozek is a left handed pitcher for Minnesota State-Mankato. His first two collegiate baseball season were rough. In his first year, he had a 4.07 ERA in 48.2 innings, which is not terrible considering he was a freshman and he pitched nearly 50 innings, which showed that the coaches trusted him. He also had a 6-0 record, and he along with fellow freshman pitchers Dalton Roach, Brody Rodning, and Christian Howell looked to be very promising. Rozek’s sophomore year was a disappointment though, as he had a 5.29 ERA in only 32.1 innings pitched. His BB/9 went up from 2.78 to 3.87 and his K/9 went down from 7.59 to 6.16.

However, his junior season went very well even though his innings dropped to 29.1. He recorded a 1.53 ERA and had a 11.67 K/9 and 1.84 BB/9. Rozek followed up this season with a 2.39 ERA in 64 innings pitched and 78 strikeouts, while winning Pitcher of the Year in the Northwoods League with the St. Cloud Rox.

There is not much(any) video on Rozek, so I cannot comment to much on his mechanics. There is a video of him from high school, and I though his mechanics were solid. I know that is pretty vague, but I just do not really have anything to work with.

To sum up Rozek, I will be watching him closely in his senior year to see how many innings he throws this year. If he gets into the high 30 to low 40 innings pitched range while maintaining his impressive strikeout rate, he has a shot at being drafted. If not, I do think he can play independent baseball and I think he could be successful there.

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