Logan Gilbert-Stetson-Orleans Firebirds

This past season, Stetson had quite a pitching rotation, with all of their starters having over 100 strikeouts and sub 3.20 ERA’s. Their strikeout leader, Brooks Wilson, was drafted in the 27th round by the Rangers this year but did not sign, making him one of the top senior signs for the 2018 draft and making next year’s rotation one of the scariest in college baseball. And while I want to do a more in depth review of both Wilson and sophomore Jack Perkins, today I want to discuss Logan Gilbert, who had the lowest ERA of the rotation and was Atlantic Sun Pitcher of the Year for 2017.

Gilbert is a 6’6” 210 pound righty who has a fastball that sits in the low to mid 90’s as well as a curveball in the high 70’s and a changeup in the low 80’s. His arm motion in his delivery is somewhat loopy since he pulls the ball behind his back from his glove, which caught me off guard at first. His arm slot is a three quarters slot and it allows him to get some movement on his fastball. Mechanically he is a bit stiff in my opinion, but nothing too bad. I do like his curveball and think it projects to be an above average pitch.

Statistically, there is nothing not to like about Gilbert. His K/9 has gone up(10.82) and his BB/9 rate(2.63) has gone down. He also only gave up one home run this past season with Stetson. This year in the Cape, he had a 1.72 ERA with 31 strikeouts(8.91 K/9) and only 4 walks(1.15 BB/9) and was selected to the All Star team.

To finish this off, Gilbert is one of my favorite collegiate pitchers in this year’s class. I love his K/9 and BB/9 ratios and he has good stuff as well. Gilbert is very high up on my list and I am excited to see if he can top the numbers he put up this year.

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