Nolan Bumstead Report-Cal State Northridge-Willmar Stingers

Wow it has been awhile since I have last posted. There’s been a lot going on recently with school stuff(college apps are awful) but don’t worry I have not forgot about this site. Today we are discussing Nolan Bumstead, a third baseman about to enter his senior season at Cal State Northridge and was an All Star this year for the Willmar Stingers.

Bumstead recovered from his disappointing sophomore season to hit .302/.388/.422 with 4 homeruns and an ISO of .120 last year with the Matadors. Obviously these are not world beating numbers, but they are decent and I think he will have a breakout year next season. His OBP has gone up every season and his K/BB ratio has gone down. His power numbers are not the greatest, but his slash line so far in the Northwoods League leads me to believe that he could hit double digit home runs this year with Cal State Northridge. So far with Willmar, he has slashed .264/.347/.406 with 6 homeruns in 276 at bats.

What holds back Bumstead the most is that his fielding is not very good at all. So far in the Northwoods he has had 14 errors for a .934 fielding percentage. That is just bad, and a bit shocking considering that he made just 3 errors with the Matadors this past year and seemed to be improving his glove. However he does have a history with errors, and he had 11 in his sophomore year and 10 his freshman year.

Overall, I doubt that any teams will take a flier on Bumstead in the draft this upcoming season. He just does not hit for much power and his glove is not where it needs to be selected in the draft. If Bumstead is able to start hitting for more power and get into the double digits for homers, while making his glove more dependable. If he can do that, he has an outside shot at being a late round senior sign, although it is a very small percentage. I do think that he might be able to sign on with an indy ball team if he has another good year with the Matadors.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this review, it’s fun to look at players that nobody knows about. If you enjoyed this, please consider following this site through WordPress or on twitter at @theamateurbball. Thanks again!



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