Jimmy Herron Report-Duke/Orleans Firebirds

In the first installment of the Cape Cod hitters to watch, I profiled Duke outfielder Griffin Conine. However I left off the other Duke stud, Jimmy Herron. And by “other” I mean that I wanted to save him for another post, not that he is inferior to him. They both were MVP’s in the All Star Game and they both have had spectacular seasons. Today I just wanted to do a more in depth write up about Herron, so here we go.

Herron is a 6’1” 185 outfielder who was a draft eligible sophomore selected by the Yankees in the 31st round. Obviously there was signability issues other wise he would have been a top 5 round pick for sure. Herron returns to Duke and will look to keep on doing what he has been doing for the past 2 years, while improving on the power.

In his first year at Duke, Herron slashed .324/.418/.440 with an ISO of .116 and he didn’t have any home runs. While that is very impressive as a freshman, I think that his 25 K/29 BB ratio is far more impressive. What is not to love about a freshman that has that great of an approach at the plate? He improved upon that first year by improving his power with a .474 SLG and a .148 ISO and had 5 homers. His OBP dipped slightly to .412 but his 34 K/29 BB ratio was still very impressive. The only small concerning thing is that his secA dropped from .353 to .317, but I am not to concerned about that because he was able to hit for more power. Also this year with the Orleans Firebirds, he slashed .355/.447/.504 with 20 K/14 BB, 3 HR, and 11 SB. This slash line just reinforces everything he has done so far with Duke.

To go along with his above average to plus hitting tools, Herron also has plus speed and above average fielding tools as well. In 2016 he went 24/28 in stolen base attempts and in 2017 he was 17/24. His 60 time coming out of high school was 6.55 which is very good. With his plus speed and plus arm Herron projects to be an above average fielder in the majors.

Another interesting thing is that his KATOH projection was a 1.5 WAR. If you do not know what KATOH is, go to Fangraphs, they are the creators and they can explain it far better than me. In this years list of top KATOH draft prospects, he ranked 25th, which is surprising considering that he was ranked 283 by Baseball America. While this is not objective, it is pretty interesting and it shows that he is somewhat underrated.

Hopefully this write up give you a better picture about Jimmy Herron. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of the week.


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