Parker Sanburn (Lakeshore Chinooks/ Texas Rangers) Report

Sorry about the long wait in between posts, but I had my own baseball games to play and they got in the way. Anyways, not going to talk about any pitchers or hitters in the Northwoods League, but rather a bit more in depth look at Parker Sanburn, who was picked up by the Texas Rangers a couple days ago.

Here is what I had written up about him a few days ago:

Sanburn is an interesting prospect, he redshirted his first year at Arkansas and his redshirt freshman season went pretty terrible, having a 15.58 ERA in 8.2 innings. He transferred to Des Moines Area CC, where he had 72 K’s in 55 innings and a 3.44 ERA. However he did have 36 walks, which translates to 5.89 BB/9. The same theme runs with Sanburn this summer, as he leads the league in strikeouts(48) in 24.1 innings, but also has 12 walks. If he ever figures out the walk problem, he could be a dominant pitcher, but I am concerned that it will never happen.

Before we get into the scouting portion, one thing that I did not realize about him is that he did not have a commitment to play college after his last year at Des Moines Area CC. I am not sure what his plans were afterwards, I am assuming indy ball but I do not know. Just found that interesting, it obviously worked for him.

Parker Sanburn has a 2 pitch mix that he has been very effective in striking out hitters, as we can see with his impressive 11.78 K/9 this year with DMACC. He is 6’2” 195 lb right handed pitcher, and has broken his back and had shoulder surgery during his time with the Arkansas Razorbacks, before transferring to Des Moines Area CC where he started. Sanburn has a fastball that sits in the 90-93 MPH range and touches mid 90’s occasionally and a curve that is in the low 80’s. His curve is his out pitch, it has 11-5 break to it. I would rate both his curve and his fastball as above average pitches. However, his command is below average and something he will need to work on if he plans on making it even to AA ball. His ceiling in my opinion is a solid bullpen pitcher in the majors who is able to get a good amount of strikeouts. Given his walk numbers, I have concerns that he won’t be able to reach that level, but he has the potential to do it. I am surprised that no team drafted him this year, maybe it was the medical issues. His stuff though is draft worthy and the Rangers made a solid signing here.

That is all I have on Sanburn, hope everyone has a good Monday. I’ll link below to some video of Sanburn.


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