Northwoods League Pitchers Part One

If anyone is looking for some excellent hip hop to get them motivated, check out Brother Ali’s All The Beauty In This Whole Life. I flew through this article today, no doubt because of this album. I listen to a lot of angry music, so it is nice to change it up every once in awhile. But enough of that. Today we are switching it up to the pitchers of the Northwoods League. I enjoy looking at pitchers more than hitters, probably because I am a far better pitcher than a hitter. Tomorrow there will be another hitter list, so look out for that. Enough rambling, let’s go.

RHP Parker Sanburn(rSo.-Arkansas/Des Moines Area CC)-Lakeshore Chinooks

Sanburn is an interesting prospect, he redshirted his first year at Arkansas and his redshirt freshman season went pretty terrible, having a 15.58 ERA in 8.2 innings. He transferred to Des Moines Area CC, where he had 72 K’s in 55 innings and a 3.44 ERA. However he did have 36 walks, which translates to 5.89 BB/9. The same theme runs with Sanburn this summer, as he leads the league in strikeouts(48) in 24.1 innings, but also has 12 walks. If he ever figures out the walk problem, he could be a dominant pitcher, but I am concerned that it will never happen.

LHP Jack Eagan(Fr.-Madison College)-Wisconsin Rapids Rafters

Jack Eagan went to Indiana University in the fall, but he transferred to Madison College in the spring and had a great season. This season he had a 2.16 ERA with 12.59 K/9 and 3.91 BB/9. The walk rate is a bit concerning, but he is only a freshman. This season with the Rafters, he has a 2.74 ERA in 39.1 innings and 44 K’s. His walk rate is much higher than it was in college, close to 4.5 BB/9, but the majority of the earned runs and walks he gave up this season came in his last start, in which he gave up 5 earned runs and 5 walks in 4.2 innings. That was an outlier, for the most part he has been very dominant this season.

LHP Aaron Rozek(rJr.-Minnesota State)-St. Cloud Rox

Rozek is another lefty who has had a low ERA and has well over 1 strikeout per inning. Unlike Eagan though, Rozek has had far better control of the zone, only allowing 2.65 BB/9. His official line looks like this: 2.65 ERA/10.61 K9/2.65 BB/9 in 37.1 innings. Rozek has been used as a starter by St. Cloud, which is interesting because he was used out of the bullpen the entire season with Minnesota State. Rozek is one of the best pitchers in the league this year, it will be interesting to see if he gets drafted.

RHP Simon Rosenblum-Larson(Jr-Harvard)-Madison Mallards

Well I think we have found the smartest player in the league. As well as having an Ivy League education, this righty has also been a dominant pitcher for the Mallards this year. Rosenblum-Larson has a 1.20 ERA with 42 strikeouts and 8 walks in 37.1 innings pitched. His control is very impressive and it shows in the stat book. It is interesting that he has been able limit the walks, he had just over a half a walk per inning this year with Harvard. This happened in 2016 with the Mallards, he had a 2.25 BB/9 but then ended up with a 4.75 BB/9 with Harvard this past season. Maybe the second time’s the charm.

RHP Layne Henderson-(Jr.-Azusa Pacific)-Wisconsin Rapids Rafters

Henderson has the second most amount of saves in the league with 10 so far this season. That’s not what makes him so interesting though. Henderson already has 30 strikeouts in only 15.1 innings and has a 2.34 ERA. There’s one problem with him, and I bet you already know what it is. Control. In those 15 innings he has 7 walks, which is not very good. Hopefully he can figure it out and gets drafted, but I would be shocked if he does get drafted. I am sure he is worthy of consideration for an indy ball team though.

Tomorrow we are going to go back to hitters to look at some of the players that have had good seasons so far.


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