Blast Motion/Cape Cod Partnership Reaction

Looking over stats and scouting reports can be somewhat monotonous after awhile. Thought I would break it up by giving my thoughts on this recent Baseball America article about the Cape Cod League implementing sensors onto the bats of their players to get swing metrics. The sensor weighs 0.3 ounces and goes onto to the end of the bat. The nice thing about this is that the swing metrics are available in real time and scouts are able to access them while watching the game. These sensors are able to track more simple things like bat speed, but also more advanced metrics like swing plane data. Also, the article says that the Astros have been big proponents of this new data, which I did not realize.

Personally, I think this is just another step in the evolution of taking the human element out of evaluating baseball players, which I have mixed feelings about. While I think it is awesome that we are getting closer to objectivity in baseball, it also makes me wonder where the scouting element of baseball is going to go. The logical step obviously is that as this technology gets more refined and everyone is able to access it, scouting will go by the wayside. But I wonder if that as a response to this, there will be a group of people that hate all these analytics and go back to reading and writing up scouting reports. Think of the opposite of Fangraphs. I doubt that would happen, but it just makes me wonder. Another thought that is similar to this is that I wonder if we’ll ever have a team that bunts and steal bases just like they did 20-30 years ago. Who knows, but it would be cool to see if a team like that could do well today.

Anyways, thought this was a good article, and I’ll put the link to it under this. Thank you for reading.


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