Looking Back on the 2017 JUCO Review Players

Here is my follow up of sorts to the three players that I highlighted in my JUCO review series. For that segment, I did writeups for Brendon Little, Nate Pearson, and Andrew Bechtold.

We will start off with Andrew Bechtold, the Maryland commit who played one season before transferring to Chipola CC. He was taken in the 5th round by the Minnesota Twins, who had an interesting draft strategy to say the least. Yes they were able to save money by taking Lewis, but it’s hard justifying not selecting Greene there. Anyway, Bechtold signed for 600 grand, which was over slot value of 378,700. SB Nation compared Andrew Bechtold to Travis Blankenhorn, who ranks seventh on the top prospect lists for the Twins. I am not a Twins expert so someone will have to tell me if this makes sense. By looking at Blankenhorn stats, I would say this is a good comparison. Blankenhorn has struggled at 3rd with 12 errors already, so they have worked him out at second too. I wonder if this will end up happening with Bechtold.

Nate Pearson is the second player I want to look at. He was drafted by the Blue Jays 28th overall and signed with a 2,452,900 bonus, slightly above the 2.3 million dollar slot value. He slipped a bit, BA had him going 18th and 20th by MLB.com. The Blue Jays went into a different direction by selecting a majority of college players this time around. Pearson is probably going to start out as a starter, but it is not a guarantee that he will stay a starter.

Last off is Brendon Little from the State College of Florida. He was drafted 27th overall by the Chicago Cubs and signed for 2.2 million, which is a 100 grand under slot. The Cubs are looking to add some more pitching in their farm system, and they did it with Little. In the write up, I said that Little has a strong character and teams were valuing that more, and I had the Cubs in mind when writing that. Pretty cool that he ended up getting drafted there. Interesting that he signed for under slot value, he must have been set on not going back to college.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this update, and if you have not read my original posts on these players, please check them out.


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