Thoughts Before the MLB Draft

Sorry for the long time between the last posts and this one, just been really busy. I did get a chance to watch some of the Super Regionals, and this year’s Super Regionals has been nuts so far. With the rain delays and the extra inning games, and the rain delayed extra inning games, there has been a lot going on. Unfortunately, my upset pick was wrong, even though Davidson and Texas A&M gave us two of the most exciting games this season. The rest of my picks have seemed to go well so far, and I am excited who wins the Florida Wake Forest game.

Anyways, we have a big night tonight! The draft starts at 7 EST on MLB network for those who are able to watch. I am just going to give my short thoughts on just some of the stories I find interesting.

Obviously, the big question is whether or not Luke Heimlich will be drafted tonight. With the trend going on right now about teams valuing character just as much as talent, I doubt that he will be taken. This leaves an opportunity for any team looking to get a bargain, but will that team be willing to accept the harsh criticism that understandably be thrown at that team? This is just an awful situation, but if Joe Mixon can get drafted, I think Heimlich will be able to as well.

The player that I thought was going to be the biggest “character issues” player before the Heimlich dilemma was Houston lefty Seth Romero. Unlike Heimlich, I do believe Romero will be taken tonight, but he will definitely not be a first rounder or even a compensatory pick in my opinion. Two suspensions in fourteen months is not a good look. Houston did not announce what the second suspension was for, the first was a drug suspension so it might have been another drug suspension we do not know. The team that picks him will get a steal; he is a top 20 prospect who apparently can’t stay out of trouble. Hopefully they will figure it out.

As far as who I think the Twins will pick, I am guessing they will take Vanderbilt pitcher Kyle Wright. Baseball America says that they will be taking McKay, my guess it that they are running out of headlines and want something fresh. However, if they do take McKay, props to them.Hunter Greene is the best player in this draft, but I do not think that the Twins will offer him the signing bonus that he wants. That is not to say Wright is a bad pick though, he has lots of upside even as a college player. Since there is no generational talent, it will be fun to see who they end up picking.

That will wrap up my thoughts, have fun watching the draft everyone.


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