Super Regionals Part Two

College Station Super Regional (Texas A&M vs. Davidson)

Here is the Cinderella series of the entire tournament, Texas A&M vs. Davidson. Davidson has never reached the NCAA tournament before, yet they have been playing like they have been here before. They knocked off number 2 North Carolina and top 10 prospect J.B Bukauskas, and have had stellar pitching. The offense is concern for Davidson, but nobody has predicted this from Davidson. Texas A&M were on and off this season; they lost 6 of 7 going into the regionals, so it will be hard to tell which team will show up. Since I have to have an upset, I’m taking Davidson, just because I do not know what Texas A&M team will show up.

Louisville Super Regional (Louisville vs. Kentucky)

I am interested in seeing this one because it features Louisville, the only team remaining that I have seen live. Louisville has an excellent pitching staff lead by two way star Brendan McKay, and the feature the best bullpen in college baseball. They also have an excellent lineup lead by McKay(.356 and 17 home runs) and Drew Ellis(.362 and 17 home runs).This is also interesting because Kentucky is making their first ever Super Regional appearance. They have one of the highest scoring offenses, with top 50 prospect Evan White having a great season(.368/.450/.627). This is a tough series, but I believe Louisville will win in 3.

Fort Worth Super Regional (TCU vs. Missouri State)

TCU has been able to hit the ball well, even without star Luke Baker, and they scored 29 runs in the their regional. Evan Skoug is one of the best power bats in the country with 18 home runs, even if his BB/K ratio is scary. TCU’s hitting is scary however, their pitching, with the exception Jared Janczak, is a bit rough. Missouri State had a tough time scoring runs in the regional, but they were picked up by their excellent pitching staff. They went 18-3 in conference play this season, but they only played one non conference team that made it to the NCAA tournament. I am not sure what to make of this series, but I am going to take TCU based on their lineup and their strength of schedule.

Gainesville Super Regional (Florida vs. Wake Forest)

Florida has a premier pitching staff with starters Alex Faedo, Jackson Kowar, and Brady Singer, and Michael Byrne as the closer. Florida has never won the College World Series, so it will be interesting to see if they can. Their do not score many runs, but their pitching staff is able to carry them. Wake Forest is the opposite; they have the ninth best runs per game(7.9) in the entire country. Along with that, they also have hit the most home runs in the country and they average close to two per game.Their pitching staff does not match the batting, but I think it is good enough for the offense to carry them. I am picking Wake Forest in this series, their offense is so dominant, but this should be a fun series to watch.

Thanks for reading this, and have fun watching the Super Regionals.


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