A Short Introduction

Well this is awkward. By now, with the draft almost upon us, most of the blogs are making their final positional rankings, their last mock drafts, and preparing to wrap up yet another year of draft coverage. Nobody is just starting up when the draft is only a few weeks away, and yet here we are. Perhaps that is what makes this site unique. I guess it’s the procrastinator in me; I wanted to get started on this before the start of college season, but a combination of school and life seems to get in the way sometimes. And laziness too, you can never forget that. I’d like to believe that my laziness filters out what is important in life; it makes me feel a lot better at night.

I think it would be best for me to explain what made me want to start a blog devoted to the baseball draft, and since us readers are all in love with lists, I’ll make a list for everyone. It goes something like this:

  1. I love the game
  2. I am bored with school
  3. I want to improve my writing skills
  4. Scouting and statistics are two of the things that I have found most interesting, even when I was a younger kid. I met a scout when I was 6 years old, and I still think that would be an amazing job.

Hopefully that wasn’t too cheesy. As far as where I want to take this; the answer is that I am not a hundred percent sure. Obviously I will be covering 2018 draft prospects, that much is a given. Also, I want to focus on lesser known D1’s, as well as D2, D3, and JUCOs since it seems like they do not get a ton of love. But between now and before the draft, I am not sure what I will be posting. I will definitely be doing College World Series coverage; that is always a blast and I am jealous of the people who have been there. If anyone reads this and has been, please comment and tell me how it was, I would love to hear your stories. Besides that, I might do a couple reaction posts for the draft; I am a big Mets fan so maybe my reaction on who the Mets got. It’s all up in the air at this point, who knows. Just get ready for some College World Series content when its time, and thanks for making it this far. 


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